🎁Loyalty Program

Engage with our Loyalty Program to access exclusive perks and rewards

  • Experience a tier-based system with increasing benefits

  • Access to special pool rewards, discounts, and boosters

  • Inspire users to enhance their engagement on the platform

The ZND ecosystem's Loyalty Program deeply values and rewards its users' active participation. At the core of this program is an innovative points-based reward system, where users accrue points through various activities within the ecosystem. These activities encompass everything from trading assets to engaging with the 'Earn', 'Borrow', and 'Explore' services, particularly on transactions involving the $ZND token, such as reaching specific trading volumes or participating in staking programs.

As users accumulate points, they progress through Loyalty Tiers, which grant access to various benefits within the Loyalty Program. A user's loyalty level corresponds to the number of points that the user has accumulated by engaging in specific activities on the Platform. This ensures that the most dedicated users receive appropriate rewards. The higher the Loyalty Level, the more benefits become available to the user.

Balanced tiers and various benefits

The program is structured around Six distinct tiers, each offering an increasing scale of benefits. Users earn points through platform activities, allowing them to reach higher tiers for a specific period. Users must maintain a certain activity level during this time to avoid dropping to a lower tier. If they become inactive after this period, they lose all benefits associated with the higher tier, motivating them to earn more points continuously.

Tiers name:

  • Basic

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Platinum

  • Diamond

  • Ambassador

Lifetime benefits for early adopters

An exception is granted to the early adopters who purchased ZND tokens during the official distribution. They receive lifelong Loyalty Tier as a gesture of appreciation for their early support and commitment to the ecosystem. Users can still reach higher tiers through their activity, but they won't risk falling below the tier they achieved for life, even if they remain less active for an extended period.

Lifetime tiers are allocated based on the number of ZND tokens purchased in the official distribution. The greater the number of tokens purchased, the higher the tier.

Tier The number of tokens purchased in the official distribution


8000 $ZND


25 000 $ZND


75 000 $ZND


150 000 $ZND


1 000 000 $ZND


The benefits of being part of a specific tier in the loyalty program are diverse and substantial. They include additional rewards on 'Earn' service subscriptions, trade discounts, and access to special features on the platform. The highest tier provides a desirable benefit: participation in the distribution of rewards from a special pool. Basic tier only allows access to the staking program without additional privileges. Benefits for the remaining Tiers are described below.

Benefits of the ZND token mechanisms

$ZND Token Staking

Join the $ZND token staking program to earn higher Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) and maximize your rewards.

Special Pool Airdrops

Enjoy regular airdrops of the $ZND token from a special pool linked to the ecosystem, providing additional rewards for your participation.

Staking APR BoostEligibility for special pool airdropsAirdrops Reward Boost





















The Loyalty Program is designed to create a cycle of engagement and reward within the ZND ecosystem, encouraging participation. As users become more involved, they receive better rewards, which motivates them to engage further, enhancing the ecosystem's vitality and appeal. This dynamic system ensures a continuously active and thriving community, driving the growth and success of the ZND ecosystem.

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